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Phillip Baddeley The Business Plan Resource - Equity Fingerprint

Equity Fingerprint  is a FREE revolutionary business plan resource to help entrepreneurs and investors understand how to use equity to build great businesses.

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Do you want a small part of a big company - a bonanza share?
Or a big part of a small company - a bonzer share?
(or come to that, a big part of a big one?

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"One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is to give up equity in their start-up. After all, if you've started the business by yourself, why shouldn't you retain most of the ownership. I recommend this guide". Robert Sansom

In 1990 Robert co-founded FORE Systems with three other colleagues from
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. In 2000, it was acquired for $2.8bn.

Here is the equity guide entrepreneurs have been waiting for - a business
plan resource that enables you to learn how equity works and why. Using
simple graphic representations of companies equity splits, investment and company growth and offering excellent advice regarding raising finance and common pitfalls, Equity Fingerprint is the ultimate way to research a much-neglected subject in business planning.

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